How to Install an Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs are made up of extremely flexible and durable material. The stress involved in supporting human bodies, while also supporting quantities of moving water is simply great. And that is why most portable hot tubs are extremely durable and reliable. From the time it was first introduced, it has quickly grown in popularity. A good inflatable hot tub can offer same relaxing atmosphere that of a traditional tub, while being generally smaller and lighter.

How Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work

As the name suggests, it is essentially a hot tub that blows up and maintains shape with air. It is readily formed with all necessary jets and water way, and can also connect to a unit that includes a pump and a heater. It is not plugged in to the main water supply, and is filled water from a hose instead. A basic hot tub comes with a heater to keep the water heated and a pump for keeping the water circulated.

One of the must have hot tub accessory, which you need to buy along with this tub is a pump. A pump is bare necessity in order to inflate the tub properly. It will ensure that the tub is inflated and maintains its shape. Another necessary accessory is a water filter. It is real difficult to stop things from falling into your hot tub, and in order to prevent this, you will need a filter to protect the jets and the pump.

How to Install a Portable Hot Tub

A blow up hot tub can essentially be used anywhere, where there is an appropriate power supply option. The only other requirement is a strong supporting surface, where you can place the tub. Now what to put under inflatable hot tub? It is important to keep in mind that it will have to support people in it, along with the weight of the water. Simply put the tub on a plain surface and inflate it with a pump in the right way.

An electric inflation pump will be able to inflate it within a few minutes. Once inflated, you can check whether it is inflated and working properly. If the pump and water heater are in a separate module, connect them properly after reading the instructions. Fill in the tub up to a recommended level, plug in, switch it on and the water will warm up in a few minutes. Here is a short video:

How to Check Water Quality 

It is essential to keep check of the quality of water in order to avoid damages in the tub or the skin of the people using it. It is best to buy an inflatable hot tub that comes with a hot tub water test kit. This is also easily available in the stores, in case you need to buy it separately. The kit will be able to measure aspects of water quality and chemicals. For a comfortable soaking experience, it is important that you keep water pH balance within limits.

A blow up hot tub is able to bring you all the comfort of a standard hot tub, without adding a big expenditure. As the tub can always be deflated, packed into a box, and transferred, it is truly a much-needed portable alternative for standard hot tubs for many.