5 Must Have Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories in 2020

A good hot tub bath can offer you immense pleasure with great health benefits. And there are a number of tools, which can further enhance your spa experience. Some of them are considered luxury items whereas some are essentials. These can provide you a better relaxing experience with just a few bucks.

Best Hot Tub Accessories 2020

Five must-have hot tub accessories that can provide you great benefits are as follows:

Hot Tub Cover

A cover is essential for a hot tub because of two critical reasons. First and foremost, it preserves energy, which allows you to reduce overall energy costs. Secondly, it offers protection for the water via insulation, when the tub is not being used.

Tub covers are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, which means that they also require regular cleaning. The cover must be cleaned on a monthly basis to avoid any problems.

Hot Tub Rails

A rail is important for anyone who wants support while coming out of the tub. This effectively eliminates the chance of any form of damage by slipping. Some tubs come with a rail, and if not, you can buy it separately.

In some cases, a rail is added in order to support the base of the tub. If you are opting to buy a rail, ensure that its height is the same as of your tub. Also, you can buy a rail whose height can be adjusted in case you want to make some adjustments to the rail height.

Hot Tub Filters

A clean filter can prevent debris from entering into your tub, while also protecting it from micro-organisms. It also consumes less power, saving you on the energy cost.  In order to get the job done, the filter must be kept clean. To do so, you have to remove the filter on regular intervals and allow the filter to dry up completely, before putting it back in it.

It is also important that you get an extra filter so that while you dry one, you can fit in another. The cleaning must be done on a monthly basis. Also, it is important to note that a filter’s life is usually one year. After this time, it’s performance might deteriorate, so it is highly recommended you opt for a new once annually.

Spa Entertainment System

Love music? Then you will love this idea. A spa music system can enhance your hot tub experience to a great extent. It can be kept around your pump and hot tub controls while making it easy to access the controls. It has got two cup holders with water-resistant buttons. You can easily place your phone in the given storage and connect it via Bluetooth to play music through the built-in speakers. The system uses a recharge battery.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies such as chemical test strips, or chemicals such as chlorine or bromine can be used. These chemicals help the user to kill microorganisms in the tub while the chemical strip assists you in determining the right amount of chemical to apply.

Drinks and Food Holder

How about taking a sip of your favorite drink while relaxing in your hot spa? A drink and food holder is indeed a useful hot tub accessory to have. It generally comes with two drinks holders and one center tray for keeping your munchies or sunglasses. You can easily clip it over the side of your spa and enjoy your hot tub bath.

Hot Tub Steps

Some of the tubs are positioned at a higher level, and steps are important to climb in and out of your inflatable hot tub. While purchasing the tub, it is important to verify the steps and check whether they are made of non-slippery material or not.

We will share more essential inflatable hot tub accessories like seats, test strips, cup holder and tray & more in this article soon.

All of the above mentioned hot tub accessories are the most basic and mandatory ones. You can also opt to buy some luxury tub accessories, such as tub pillow, foldable canopy and might be a hot tub bar.